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Here is what you can expect
when you join us at Duo Pilates…

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We want you to feel comfortable. This is a studio for everyone regardless of your fitness levels, age or whether you have done Pilates before or not!

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We take particular measures to personalise your experience. You won’t always be doing the same exercise as the person next to you.

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Each class is an opportunity for you to disconnect from your phone, refocus & connect with like-minded people. It is a place for you to realign your body and seek balance, both mentally and physically.

Our Camp Hill pilates studio will be your new happy place!

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+ Why Mat Pilates?

At Duo, we believe that Pilates does not need to come with the expensive price tag. We are one of the only Pilates studios in Brisbane that specialise in Mat Pilates (which means no expensive Pilates equipment). Instead, we use small equipment (balls, resistance bands, circles, sliders, dumbbells, ankle weights) to get the same resistance. Some would say that Mat Pilates is even more effective as it requires you to use your own body weight instead of a machine.

The beauty of Mat Pilates is that you can always regress or progress an exercise to make it easier or harder. A beginner and advanced client could be next to each other and perform different variations of the same exercise and both experience a challenging workout.

+ What type of classes do we offer

At Duo, we offer 3 different classes - all with a purpose and ranging in intensity levels.

Stretch (Low Intensity, good for beginners)

Stretch out your muscles and improve blood flow. Leave feeling energised and more flexible

Mat (Low - Medium Intensity, good for beginners)

Our signature class. Develop body awareness, address your posture and build strength & confidence in your body

Circuit (High Intensity, good for intermediate & advanced)

For those wanting to push themselves that little bit more. Get your heart rate up and perform your favourite Mat Pilates exercises in a circuit format. Don’t be afraid to sweat!

+ What if I am a beginner and have never tried Pilates before?

We welcome ALL fitness levels! In fact, we ENCOURAGE beginners to come along! We also understand that it can be nerve wracking attending your first Pilates class. It is very common to feel this way! That is why we have written a blog post for first time Pilates go-ers! It is titled 'First Time Trying Pilates? Here is Everything You Need To Know!' and you can read it by clicking here.

You are also welcome to give us a call/text/or email to have a chat before you attend your first class!

+ What to bring to class?

Good Vibes and a pair of socks! You are also welcome to bring your own mat but don’t stress if you don’t have one, we have enough to go around!

We also advise that you wear sneakers of some kind if you plan on attending one of our Pilates circuit classes.

+ What to expect after the Intro offer is over?

Our intro offer does not lock you in to anything once it is over! It is simply a chance for you to get to know us and see whether or not Duo is a good fit for you! If you love our classes and wish to continue, we have a Duo Pilates Membership available for you!

+ Duo Pilates Membership

Our Duo Pilates Membership includes unlimited access to all classes for $45/week (no lock in, 2 weeks notice to stop or suspend)

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Here’s the proof! We’ve got an amazing Camp Hill pilates studio, and even more amazing members.

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Enquire about our $79 offer

Please fill in your details below and we will be in contact with you shortly!

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One Month of
Unlimited Pilates for $79

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